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Your business or nonprofit has great stories to tell about your brand, your mission, and all the great work you're doing. Why not hire a writer to give your brand the edge it needs? 
Bringing in a seasoned writer like me (see my About section) with a fresh pair of eyes allows you to focus on the bigger picture: your mission, vision, the bottom line. What can I do for you? Polish your website copy, write a stirring speech for your big event, or engage new audiences with an insider's view on the worlds of higher education and music.   
Whether you are a school, a news organization, or an arts group, the desire is similar: To tell a good story that strengthens your brand and serves your mission or your bottom line.  
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               Maureen Bogues
                  a.k.a. "Mobo" 
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 "Maureen is creative, thorough, responsive and reliable, and gives you a sense of confidence and peace-of-mind when it comes to communi-cations. In fact, we have internal shorthand when it comes to (editing) high-profile communications . . . 'has this
been MoBo’d?' ”
 Rick Medefesser,  
Senior Manager,
Some of my clients...

These companies / organizations are among the clients I have had over the years, as a writer and copy editor and / or communications consultant: 

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Check out my writing: 

To see my work, please click on the boxes below; more samples appear on my Services page, or at my portfolio site here:     

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Brighten up

your brand with

expert copywriting,

digital marketing 

Powerful storytelling from a versatile writer

Are you an arts nonprofit, educational or music technology company that needs help getting the word out about your product or services? I have worked with corporations, nonprofits and small businesses, including graphic designers, performers, PR firms, therapists, coaches, lawyers, and other small businesses. I can build your brand through tailored blog posts, articles, website content, case studies, newsletters and press releases to help you to reach your target clients.  

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Native Advertising / Print Media    
Sponsored content can be a great opportunity to tell a brand's story. As long as it is informative and truthful, the story will be enjoyed by a potential reader who will understand its purpose.  My overall portfolio includes general health stories, fundraising events, arts features and business profiles. My work for the Bay Area News Group and San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate includes articles like these:
Just for fun: 
This article, click below, is from my early career as an
arts reporter (a review of late trumpeter Maynard Ferguson's amazing 1993 concert in Lincoln, Neb.), is the only article (posted on his web page) that I have from those pre-Internet days. 
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Music Writing / Arts Publicity  
I love to help arts groups promote their work, and get the word out
about their performances. I enjoy writing artist profiles, press re-
leases and feature stories. I was an entertainment reporter for many years and my areas of expertise are classical music and theater. Below are some sample links
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Call me at: 415-269-9589



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'Great Writer'
"I hired Maureen to write blog articles for the Gay Therapy Center.  She's a great writer and very easy to work with. I highly recommend her!" 
Adam D. Blum, MFT,
Founder and Director,
Gay Therapy Center
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'Creative Storyteller'


"Maureen is a talented writer and creative storyteller. She asks the right questions, conveys compassion, business savvy and humor, and knows how to inform the reader or promote the product." 

Debbie Guadan

Special Sections Editor

Bay Area News Group

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'Imaginative and Clever'
She is an expert storyteller, and she’s passionate about her work. As a writer, she is imaginative and clever. As a speech coach, she is encouraging and effective. As my playwriting mentor, she is generous and knowledgeable.
Kristy Lin Billuni 
Writer & Editor 
a.k.a. The Sexy Grammarian 
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'Sharp, Smart Communications'
"Maureen is a joy and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Maureen to anyone needing sharp, smart communications for their company or projects.
Tracy Cox
Freelance Graphic Designer 
Symphony Parnassus                      





I am Maureen Bogues, a.k.a., "Mo" or  "Mobo." I have been in business as a copywriter and editor since 2009. I have done corporate communications--everything from writing and editing officer emails to writing intranet features about employees. Working with individuals, nonprofits and entrepreneurs, I have written personal profiles, resumes, cover letters, blogs, press releases, speeches and digital marketing. 

I spent many years working in daily journalism (newspapers and online), including nine years as a copy editor (and occasional writer) at the San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com. I grew up in Omaha, Neb., but I have been in San Francisco, Calif., for more than 20 years. I am owned by the world's sweetest, cuddliest dog, Maddie, a fluffy white poodle mix.

What I love about storytelling is its ability to connect people, and that is what I strive for in all my writing--connection. I studied playwriting for many years (I have a BA in journalism and an MA in playwriting). I also love speechwriting; I am a longtime member of Toastmasters International (Rainbow Toastmasters club in SF!) and enjoy public speaking. My goal is always to keep an audience engaged, whether in a "live" venue, or on the page.


Maddie moves

in for the cuddle. 


Official title:

Writing Assistant

Let's chat!  
(415) 269-9589
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I live here!

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